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A Spirit Visitation
“On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever”
Asking For Guidance
The Angels Heard My Call
Time for His Heart to Heal
Tombstone AZ Ghost
“On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever”

A couple of days ago, I received a call from a new client, he gave me his last name as ‘Nelson’ and I commented back to him that my maiden name was also ‘Nelson’.

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Feeling The Spirits

By Courtney Macavinta - Sacramento Bee Staff - 1996

Just as dusk begins to settle over Sacramento Old City Cemetery, Nancy Matz says she
feels something. A lonely little girl named Lila is brushing up against her, longing for attention.
Matz gently pats the child's head. 


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Foot Note: The tours ended in 2001 after six years with the death of John Bettencourt.
These six years conducted five to seven tours per season with 150 to 200 people
attending each of these tours.
"Tombstone, The Town Too Tough To Die"
Spirit in the Old Town Brothel
Rocklin Cemetery Tour, Rocklin CA
Sac Cemetery Tour, Sac CA Article

Psychic's visions lead to the stories behind the tombstones
By Jennifer Kerr, Associated Press writer

The grieving man in the dark clothes and hat sits slumped over on the wooden cemetery bench, still distraught over the death of his 16-year-old son.

The youth drowned in the Sacramento River 133 years ago. 
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Asking for Guidance  by Nancy Matz

    In the reality of what we call life, each one of us wants to accept total responsibility for our actions, and we call this our "Free Will". Every one of us had a childhood; hopefully your childhood was guided and nurtured in a loving environment. With a growing consciousness of impending adulthood, we stood with our heads up and stated to the world, "I am ready -- give me freedom to start my life as an adult!" No matter where we walked into society, we learned about life, the hardships and the rewards.

    Most of you reading this article, and many others outside of the metaphysical world, have also learned that we can ask for divine help to gently guide our lives; show us the lessons we are to learn, and teach us the passion for life. The first time we asked for help, whether in a fit of anger, weeping, or out of sincerity, we hoped that a God force did exist and there might be someone listening. At that time did you ask with a whisper, a shout or quietly in your mind for personal help or guidance? During that moment that you turned over your trust and faith to a greater force, you learned one of life's greatest lessons -- belief!


                        The Angels Heard My Call

Good News Magazine -
Nancy Matz, Winter 1997

We need to create magic every day. We should strive to be alive each moment of our lives. How many people do you know that get lost in their work and life? We all do. We all get caught up in the trials of maintaining our lifestyles, relationships and families. Sometimes, we lose perspective on why we are here. Shouldn't we live each moment enlightened, letting in the light, and accepting help from our angels?


Time for His Heart to Heal

Good News Magazine by Nancy Matz
Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor Airplane Crash

September 24, 1972 - 3:30 PM:
"Get myself together, must hurry to meet Grandma with son at the air show. I can just see him running around the vintage airplane show, and wearing Grandma out.

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"What am I doing In this body?"

The Story of Baby Rebecca
Written by Nancy Matz - for Rebecca

Late August, 1997: Laura has been a friend and client for over four years. She called with anxiety for her sister Aljean and asked if she would be all right in the upcoming birthing of her second child. What was concerning her was the possibility of a larger baby and that the child was already a week overdue. I did not feel stress of a problem delivery and told her so.

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Life After Cancer - Good News Magazine
An Inspiring Story - by Bob Cox

"I was only 39 when I got it. They said I had it for 6 years. I had 2 types, the slow moving and the fast moving. I knew there was something wrong with me and if I had waited six months later it would have been all through my body. I knew there was something wrong, but I didn't know how bad it was."

Life After Cancer
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A Spirit Visitation

I am sitting, quiet
Quiet that can be felt
A mild breeze from a slightly opened window
It touches my arm
Does anyone know how calm I am
Can anyone hear how calm I am
I am listening and waiting
A feeling of wanting is what I am
I’ve said ‘Mom’ and I am quiet
I am quiet and I am calm and waiting
The breeze is stronger and I am calm
My memory allows me to smell her
She had her life, and I had my life
But I miss her in my life
Oh I remember, I closed that window an hour ago

Nancy  9-18-10  (Mom - Betty Berens passed 6-1-09)
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